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Protect Your Vehicle for Years to Come and add Value to Your Investment   

Purchasing a car, truck or SUV is a big investment - for most people it’s the second largest purchase they’ll ever make. The staff at Auto Depot Sudbury understand how important a quality vehicle is to you, and we want to ensure the vehicle you drive off the lot has a long life. This is why we offer a range of used vehicle warranties - ensure any unexpected repair costs will be taken care of down the road.   Contact our finance team today for free advice and guidance on what warranty program makes sense for you and your need.  

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Northern Ontario

Living in the Sudbury area, you know how hard local roads and highways can be on a vehicle. Salt and gravel can take their toll on your vehicle over the cold months, and in the summer potholes, road debris, and rocks will take their toll on even the most rugged of trucks and SUVs. Going with an extended warranty from Auto Depot Sudbury will help protect you from unexpected repair bills down the road. Contact our finance team with any warranty questions you have today. We’re always happy to give free guidance and advice.  


Added Value

If you ever plan to sell your vehicle in the future, having an active warranty still on the car, truck, van or SUV is a big selling point. You’re adding value to the vehicle and can often ask more than someone with a similar vehicle without a warranty.   

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A warranty from Auto Depot Sudbury is a good idea now and in the future.

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