At Home Delivery Service 

Have Your Vehicle Delivered Straight to Your Door

Purchasing a vehicle should never be a hassle, no matter where you happen to live. Our goal is to make the car buying experience as simple as possible, and that’s why we have have our home delivery service. When you buy one of our impressive used vehicles from our team here at Auto Depot Sudbury, we'll hook you up with shipping. Whether you live in Northern Ontario, Vancouver, or Shanghai, we’ll have your vehicle delivered straight to your door. It’s just one of the ways we make the car buying experience a little easier.

Worldwide Shipping

People move all the time, and not just within Ontario or Canada. We have a lot of customers who end up moving overseas for work, and they want to bring their vehicle with them. We have access to a transportation network that can successfully ship any of our used vehicles that are for sale almost anywhere in the world.

Who Uses This Service?

There are all sorts of individuals who take advantage of this unique service. A lot of people in Sudbury work in the mining industry and there are mines all over the world; it’s pretty common for some of our customers to move overseas to work at a mining facility in another country. Of course, there are also a lot of business owners and executives who move to the US or another country for business reasons. We even have customers who may not be able to get to the dealership easily because they have physical issues, or simply live too far away. As you can see, lots of people need a home delivery service. 

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