Vehicles For Tough Ontario Roads

Although we love living in Greater Sudbury and enjoying all that our community has to offer, we can also appreciate that Ontario roads can be treacherous! Our highways are dotted with potholes and cracks due to fluctuating temperatures and heavy usage from transport trucks, we are prone to heavy snowfall that can take days for the plows to clear, and the vastness of Northern Ontario means that we spend a lot of time on the road. Even with these less than ideal conditions, if you are equipped with the right vehicle then driving in Northern Ontario will make you feel like a road warrior! Auto Depot Sudbury has rounded up some of our toughest cars, trucks and SUVs for taking on our tough Ontario roads.

Snow-body Knows Snowy Weather Quite Like Northern Ontarians

The white stuff can hit hard over the winter months, and you need to know that you can make it to work or the grocery store no matter how much powder accumulates. Having winter tires on your ride will be your first line of defense. Winter tires are made with a flexible rubber that can more easily maintain contact with the ground during cold weather and deep grooves that push snow, slush and water aside. They perform far better than all-season tires in climates like ours, and will help keep you and your passengers safe on the road.

A vehicle with all-wheel-drive (AWD) or four-wheel-drive (4WD/4X4) is also incredibly helpful for tackling Sudbury snowstorms. AWD and 4WD simply means that your engine can power all four wheels at the same time, giving you superior traction to power through challenging conditions. Auto Depot Sudbury has dozens of affordable AWD and 4X4 trucks and SUVs, including favourites like Honda CR-V and Chevrolet Silverado, that will get you through day-to-day conditions and haul your snowmobile through Northern Ontario backroads for a weekend of winter adventuring.


High Suspension for a Smooth Ride

Driving down Ontario highways can be bumpy business due to all of the cracks and potholes that dot our roads. Make your commute comfortable by looking for a vehicle with good suspension, which refers to the system of shock absorbers, springs, tires and body design and that affect ride quality on a variety of different terrains. Brands like MazdaRAM, and Jeep are well known for their good suspension, not to mention most of them also come with AWD/4X4 and tow packages, so you can look forward to a smooth and capable ride all year long.

Cars, Trucks and SUVs for Long Haul Ontario Drives

One thing that surprises a lot of people when they first visit Northern Ontario is just how vast it really is. Highways seem to stretch on forever, and you might travel for 100km between signs of civilization. With all of that extra time spent on the road, you need your vehicle to be fuel efficient, comfortable and safe. Brands like HondaToyota and Hyundai are highly regarded for their fuel economy, and both Toyota and Hyundai are also consistently rated as some of the safest rides on the road. Both brands boast a long list of standard driver-assist technologies in their vehicles, which adds to the convenience, safety and overall comfortable driving experience of these vehicles. Mazda and Nissan are both well known for providing a whisper-quiet ride within the cabin, which can be particularly helpful if you’ll be carting the kids along for a lot of long-haul drives.

Auto Depot Sudbury is your Northeastern Ontario driving experts. We understand the unique driving conditions in Greater Sudbury, and can help you find a dependable, affordable vehicle that is built for life in Northern Ontario. Browse our inventory of pre-owned cars, trucks and SUVs, or give us a call and let our helpful team show you around the lot. We will make sure that you drive away happy and ready to tackle our tough Ontario roads in comfort and style!