What Happens If You Put Regular Gas in a Premium Car?

Using Regular Gas in a Luxury Vehicle in Sudbury, ON

With the ever increasing cost of living, we here at Auto Depot Sudbury understand that some of our customers may be getting concerned about the price of gasoline. Although it may be tempting to choose the cheapest grade gasoline, if you’re a premium or luxury car owner, you may want to think twice before filling up with regular gas. Continue reading below as our team discusses the potential consequences of filling up your high-end ride with low-grade fuel.

Higher Ownership Costs

Purchasing a used luxury vehicle can be appealing because of their lower, depreciated price point and impressive array of features. But what most buyers don’t consider are the running costs associated with keeping a higher end vehicle on the road. Everything from regular maintenance services, parts and even gasoline are typically more expensive when compared to mass market economy vehicles.

Specifically Engineered Engines

Most luxury vehicles are designed to run on premium gasoline, which typically has a higher octane rating (91 or 94) when compared to regular gasoline (87). This higher grade gas is recommended because luxury cars often come equipped with advanced engine tech, such as turbochargers & direct fuel injection systems, that rely on higher octane fuel for optimal function. Using regular gas might compromise these systems, leading to decreased power output and potentially damaging the engine over time.

Potential Consequences

Higher octane gasoline also helps prevent a phenomenon known as “engine knock,” which results from the premature ignition of the fuel-air mixture in the engine’s cylinders. By filling up your luxury car with regular gasoline, the lower octane rating may cause the engine to knock, reducing its efficiency and performance.

While occasional use of regular gasoline might not immediately lead to catastrophic failures, a consistent pattern of using lower octane fuel can contribute to things such as:

  • carbon buildup
  • reduced fuel efficiency
  • increased wear and tear on vital engine components

In the end, saving a few dollars on fuel can prove costly in the long run when it comes to premium & luxury vehicles. To ensure that your car maintains its performance & longevity, consult your vehicle’s owners manual and fill up with the manufacturer's recommended fuel grade. Our team here at Auto Depot Sudbury are more than happy to help you find your next vehicle. Whether you’re in the market for a used luxury vehicle, or on a tight budget, we offer a wide range of top-notch used vehicles to choose from. Visit our Sudbury showroom at 933 Kingsway, today!