Perks of Living and Driving in Sudbury

While Southern Ontario cities like Toronto and Montreal tend to receive a lot of hype, it’s important to note that communities in Northern Ontario have plenty to offer! Far from simply being a forgotten land, areas like Greater Sudbury offer vibrant art and culture, commitment to preserving our Nation’s history, thriving industries, low cost of living and limitless wilderness right in our backyard. Auto Dealer Sudbury is proud to have been a part of this exciting community for more than 25 years, providing thousands of happy folks with quality and affordable pre-owned cars, trucks and SUVs that help them enjoy life in Greater Sudbury. Let’s take a look at some of our favourite parts about living and driving in Northern Ontario!

Northern Ontarians Pay Less!

Historically, Sudbury has been a city that was dependent on the natural resources sector for employment, but in the new millennium it has emerged as a major leader in Northeastern Ontario’s retail, economic, education and healthcare industries. These employment wages go a lot farther in Northern Ontario, as housing and many other lifestyle costs are significantly lower than in Southern parts of the province. It’s also less expensive to renew your license plate sticker, which is only $60.00 annually in Northern Ontario compared to $120.00 for our friends closer to the border. This is partly due to the fact that it’s challenging to live in Northern Ontario without a vehicle, so it’s essentially a subsidy to help offset the cost of car ownership in the North.

North is Unique

Exploring and Driving in the North is Unique

Situated in the Canadian Shield, Northeastern Ontario is a vast land full of forests, lakes and rocky hills. In fact, Sudbury is considered the “city of lakes,” as it contains 330 lakes! Year-round outdoor activities are incredibly popular, and folks from across Greater Sudbury frequently pack up their trucks and SUVs to enjoy fishing, canoeing, hunting, snowmobiling, boating, ATVing and camping. Auto Depot Sudbury often helps our customers find vehicles that are known for their ability to tow RVs and handle off-roading adventures, such as powerful pickup trucks like RAM and Silverado, and confident SUVs like Jeep.

Due to the vastness of the Canadian North, driving is significantly different than in Southern Ontario. You won’t find the same levels of auto congestion, traffic jams, lack of parking or poor air quality caused by excessive car emissions. Our highways stretch for as far as the eye can see, and you’ll be able to spend your commuting hours enjoying your drive rather than stuck in stop-and-go traffic. That’s why it’s essential to have a set of wheels that you love, such as Auto Depot favourites like Honda and Nissan, which deliver big on comfort, style and fuel efficiency. To get through Sudbury’s unpredictable winter weather with ease, our Auto Depot experts can help you find a vehicle that makes you feel safe and in control, such as the ever popular Toyota.

The Auto Depot Sudbury team are all proud members of the Greater Sudbury and Northeastern Ontario community. Between the low cost of living, neverending wilderness and rich history, we understand the uniqueness of this area, and that living in such a special place requires a special vehicle. Give us a call and trust our experts to help you find the perfect used car, truck or SUV for your Northern Ontario lifestyle!