How Many Tesla Superchargers are in Canada?

Tesla supercharging stations

Drivers looking for an electric, luxury vehicle with cutting-edge technology features will feel right at home inside a Tesla. But some Tesla shoppers might be wondering: How many Tesla superchargers can be found in Canada? And where can these superchargers be found? To answer these questions, we’ve broken down everything drivers need to know about Tesla supercharger locations within Canada. 

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Tesla Superchargers in Canada

As of May 2022, there are 147 Tesla superchargers located in Canada, with plans to install many others in the near future. Drivers can find a comprehensive list of Canadian superchargers and their locations on the Tesla website, broken down by province. The site also includes roadside assistance numbers for each supercharger location. 

Tesla model from the side

How Many Tesla Superchargers are Located in Ontario?

Over a third of Canada’s Tesla superchargers are currently located in Ontario. There are 55 Tesla superchargers installed in Ontario, as of May 2022. With an additional 18 superchargers currently pending installation inside the province, Tesla owners will have plenty of supercharger locations to choose from in Ontario. 

How Fast Do Tesla Superchargers Charge? 

Tesla Superchargers can provide about 322 kilometres worth of travel range in just 15 minutes. Charging is quick and convenient, and can be monitored through the available Tesla smartphone app. The Tesla supercharger network has been carefully constructed to allow drivers to travel far and wide, without having to stress about the logistics. 

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