Auto Depot Will Bring The Test Drive To You

With our current limitations on airline travel, trains and public transportation, folks from Sudbury and across Northern Ontario are relying on their cars for independent travel now more than ever. If you’re ready to shop for a new reliable set of wheels but can’t get into the dealership for a test drive, then it’s time to take advantage of Auto Depot Sudbury’s vehicle delivery program! That’s right, the Auto Depot team provides a contactless vehicle delivery service so that you can test drive a vehicle before you buy it and have it delivered right to your door upon purchase. Sound too good to be true? Read on to learn how we’ve helped thousands of Ontarians buy their vehicles 100% online!

Test Drive a Vehicle Without Even Visiting the Dealership

Here at Auto Depot, we’re changing the way that folks from Greater Sudbury shop for a vehicle by bringing our highest quality cars, trucks, SUVs and crossovers to your front door. So how do our vehicle delivery services help car-buyers across Ontario?

  1. Our team is here to help you create a budget, narrow down vehicles that will work for your needs, and suggest high-quality and affordable vehicles that will best suit your lifestyle. Once you’ve had a chance to browse our inventory and decide on a model that you would like to see in person, simply request a test drive online or over the phone.

  1. One of our team members will bring the vehicle to the location you specify, clean the keys and hand them over for a test drive. We’ll grab a coffee or catch up on emails while you take the vehicle for a few spins around the block – take your time!

  1. We’ll bring the vehicle back to the dealership while you decide on whether you would like to purchase it or not. If it’s the right car for you, then give us a call and we’ll draw up the paperwork. It’s that simple!

  1. Auto Depot’s vehicle delivery service doesn’t stop after the test drive. Once you purchase the vehicle, we’ll arrange for it to be dropped off right at your front door. We’ll leave the keys behind and be on our way!

Auto Depot’s Vehicle Delivery Services Have Helped Hundreds of Northern Ontarians

Whether you are struggling to find a ride to our dealership to test drive a vehicle, you prefer to stay close to home for all of your purchasing needs or you live in a remote area of the province, Auto Depot’s online vehicle delivery and shopping services are here to help. “Contactless shopping” doesn’t mean you’ll be going through this process alone – you’ll have plenty of support from our experts online and over the phone every step of the way. And for our customers with various credit concerns, our Finance Department is always here to help you secure manageable financing options. Our dedication to helping our customers get reliable vehicles is what makes us Northern Ontario’s premier used vehicle dealership!

With Auto Depot Sudbury, we’re making it easier than ever to purchase the vehicle of your dreams from the comfort of your own home. If you are ready to experience the convenience and simplicity of a mobile test drive and online car buying, then don’t hesitate to reach out online or give us a phone call today!