Why is it Necessary to Service Your Brake System?

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The majority of modern automobiles come standard with a variety of active driver assistance and safety features, all of which depend on your car’s brake system to work effectively. Not only do the brakes slow down your vehicle on your everyday commute, they are also a vital part of your vehicle’s safety system. Failure to maintain your vehicle’s brake system can result in serious injury to you and your passengers. Worried about the performance or condition of your brakes? Don’t hesitate to bring your car into Auto Depot Sudbury as one of our technicians will gladly examine your vehicle’s brakes and provide you with the necessary recommendations for your vehicle’s brake system.

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How Often Should Your Brakes be Serviced? 

It comes as no surprise that the calipers, rotors, and other parts of your vehicle’s brake system deteriorate, given how frequently they’re used during routine daily driving. As everyone has their own driving style, there is no specific period of time or distance driven at which you should bring your car in for a routine brake service. Different driving circumstances, the quality of the parts, and how frequently you use your brakes are all aspects that affect the health of your brake system. These factors all come into play when determining how frequently you should maintain your brakes. As a general rule, the majority of automakers recommend that consumers bring their vehicles in for their suggested service interval every 8,000 kilometres or six months, whichever comes first. Think your vehicle is due for an inspection? Click here to book your next service appointment.

What Should You Keep an Eye Out For?

There are a few things that you can look out for should you be concerned that it may be time for your brakes to be serviced. Your vehicle’s brake system is made up of several moving parts that work together to ensure that your car reliably comes to a stop when you step on the brake pedal.  

  • Your vehicle pulls in one direction
  • Your vehicle makes strange noises from inside the cabin
  • Visually inspect your vehicle’s brake pads
  • Visually inspect your vehicle’s rotors  

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