Should I Trade In My Vehicle, Or Sell It? 

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When drivers decide to purchase their next vehicle, many are left unsure if they should sell or trade in their current one. Because every driver’s situation is different, this can be a difficult decision for many to make. Wondering which option is the better choice for you? Below, we’ve put together a comprehensive breakdown of both options and their advantages. 

Advantages of Selling Your Vehicle 

The reason many drivers choose to sell their car on the private market is a matter of value. Typically, drivers who sell their vehicle directly to another driver will receive more for their vehicle than if they traded it in. Because of this, drivers looking to get the most value possible out of their vehicle often choose to sell it themselves. 

Disadvantages of Selling Your Vehicle 

Unfortunately, selling a vehicle is difficult work, and can often take more time than many drivers are comfortable with. Vehicle owners will have to gather all the relevant documents, determine their vehicle’s price, keep it maintained, and then find a potential buyer. Depending on the vehicle’s condition and demand, it can take a substantial amount of time to find a buyer. For many drivers, the stress and hassle of selling a vehicle privately isn’t worth the additional money. 

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Advantages of Trading In Your Vehicle 

Because selling a vehicle on their own can be troublesome, many drivers prefer the convenience and efficiency of trading in their vehicle directly to a dealership. The dealership will handle the majority of the paperwork, and drivers won’t have to worry about finding a buyer before they get their money. If desired, drivers can then put their vehicle’s trade-in value towards their next vehicle purchase. Trading in a vehicle is the perfect option for drivers who value their time, and want to avoid the burdens associated with private automotive sales. 

Disadvantages of Trading In Your Vehicle

Dealerships need to pay their hard-working employees and make a profit off of their trade-in cars, which means drivers will receive less value for their trade-in than a private sale. However, depending on the vehicle, this discrepancy between trade-in value and private market value may be less than many drivers believe. Drivers who are on the fence should contact the dealership they plan to trade their vehicle in to and get an appraisal. 

Trade In Your Vehicle at Auto Depot Sudbury in Ontario

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