Advantages of Buying a Pre-Owned Car 

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When it’s time for drivers to purchase their next vehicle, many struggle to decide if they should purchase a new model or a pre-owned one. While both options come with their own set of advantages and disadvantages, there are many benefits to buying a used car that many drivers don’t consider. Below, we’ve highlighted some of the most advantages of buying a pre-owned car. 

Used Vehicles Cost Less

Many vehicle shoppers choose to purchase pre-owned vehicles because of their lower price compared to new models. Drivers who are working with a limited budget or simply can’t justify spending extra for a new model will be much happier with a used vehicle. Buying used will significantly reduce the driver’s financing fees, allowing them to pay off their vehicle at a much faster rate than if they purchased a new vehicle.

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Pre-Owned Vehicles Depreciate Slower

On the subject of finance, it’s also important to note that drivers who purchase a pre-owned vehicle won’t have to worry as much about value depreciation. The majority of vehicles lose about 10% of their value as soon as they’re purchased and driven off the lot. After one year, the average vehicle is worth 20% less than what it was purchased for. After five years, most vehicles will have lost 60% of their initial value. Pre-owned models depreciate at a much slower rate, meaning drivers will be able to trade them in or sell them for an amount closer to the price they paid themselves. 

The Pre-Owned Market Offers Greater Choices

Drivers who are shopping for a pre-owned vehicle are likely to have a much easier time finding a model that meets their preferences than those who are shopping for a new vehicle. The used vehicle market is significantly larger than the new vehicle market, and offers a greater variety of models for drivers to choose from. While the availability of specific years, makes, and models may vary by area and market conditions, vehicle shoppers will find a greater selection of vehicles in the used market. 

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