Five Hidden Gems in Sudbury You Didn’t Know About

By: Auto Depot Sudbury   |   20 Aug 2019
street view if Sudbury with red geraniums

The Best Kept Secrets in Sudbury

If you’re lucky enough to call Sudbury home, we don’t have to tell you how great our fine city is. The team here at Auto Depot Sudbury love spending our time exploring all of the best spots in Greater Sudbury when it comes to hiking, eating or just having a wonderful afternoon. Join us as we break down five of our favourite local gems that you need to check out on your next day off.

The Great Trail

path of the Great Trail (Trans-Canada Trail)

Strap on your sneakers, grab some water and head straight to the longest trail in the entire world! That’s right -- the Great Trail (formerly the Trans Canada Trail) just so happens to run right through Sudbury, providing ample space for dog walking, biking or standard hiking. The trail even winds its way to creeks and lakes, serving up beautiful views along with your daily dose of exercise.

A.Y. Jackson Lookout

View of Hall Falls near Sudbury

Named after an esteemed member of the Group of Seven (Sudbury does love its art), A.Y. Jackson Lookout is the perfect place to go for an afternoon picnic. To reach the lookout, you first must drive Northeast of the city, then complete a small hike to where the lookout is. All is worth it because what awaits you at the end of the trail is a colossal 55-metre waterfall known as Hall Falls.

Tommy’s Not Here

Dining table set at Tommy's Not Here in Sudbury

But hopefully, you are! Don’t be confused. Tommy’s Not Here isn’t some cryptic message -- it’s just the name of an uber-chic basement restaurant that serves up some of the most delicious food in Sudbury. The eatery focuses on Italian cuisine with a Canadian twist, resulting in a menu that’s received recognition from news outlets all over the province. If you’re a foodie, this one HAS to be on your must-visit list. 

M.I.C. Canadian Eatery & Whiskey Pub

Whiskey Selection at M.I.C. in Sudbury

Relax and sample a long list of whiskeys at M.I.C. If you hadn’t already guessed, the acronym stands for “Made in Canada”, and the establishment is not only Canadian -- it’s homegrown from Greater Sudbury! They proudly serve 25 different Canadian whiskeys in addition to Canadian-brewed beer and an impressive Canadian wine list. Be sure to dress in your favourite beaver shirt to complete this true north experience.

Northern Axperts

girl wearing fake beard holding ax at Northern Axperts

Join in on this fun craze with origins starting way back in the logging days of Canada! Northern Axperts provides good, old-fashioned recreation for both kids (accompanied by a legal guardian) and adults. Come with a group or stop in alone and try their open-throw session and finesse your axe-wielding skills! This cool location is just one of the many establishments in Sudbury where you can have a great time doing something totally unique.







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