Fun Facts That You Didn't Know About Sudbury

By: Auto Depot Sudbury   |   28 Feb 2018
Man standing in front of a waterfall from a lake

We love our small city, and we’re proud to serve Sudbury with only the best used cars and trucks around. Beyond used vehicles, Sudbury is home to some great attractions and well-kept secrets that some locals don’t even know about! Here are some of our favourites.

The Coolest Planetarium Around

Science North is home to both an IMAX theatre and a planetarium. Located on Ramsey Lake Road, we’re not far from this gem. Inside, there are plenty of activities for the whole family. From the planetarium to escape rooms, and from shopping and exhibits, you’ll be sure to find something that will peak your interest.

Inside the planetarium, different space-themed shows are played daily. You can go on a spaceship journey or have the kids participate in interactive events that teach about the solar system. If you’re looking to stay in the light, the facility also hosts a suite of events for adults and teens, which can be found here.

Heaven’s Gate Trail

Affectionately named Sudbury’s Best Kept Secret by, Heaven’s Gate Trail is heaven for hikers, trail runners, and walkers alike. This trail is home to beautiful views, as it borders the La Cloche Mountains and spans roughly 40 kilometres. You’ll be able to see over the treetops and across stone tops over Northern Ontario’s beautiful outdoor landscape.

If you’re really adventurous, you’ll be able to find and rent cabins just off the beaten trail. These days, with AirBnB, it’s easy to find a great selection almost anywhere. Be sure to check ratings and always stay safe, especially if you’re hiking off the known path.

Quick Fun Facts

  • The city employs 49 part-time crossing guards to keep schoolchildren and walkers alike safe while crossing
  • There are over 330 freshwater lakes in the Greater Sudbury area
  • Sudbury is home to a really, really big nickel; it’s over 30 ft in diameter and located at Dynamic Earth Sudbury (over 5,000 of tunnels)
  • The Sudbury Basin is a sight to behold being incredibly deep and over 27km long
  • The city’s history is rooted in mining, with one of the largest mining areas in Canada present
  • Sudbury has the largest Francophone population in Ontario
  • Home to the Sudbury Superstack, Sudbury has the tallest chimney in the northern hemisphere. The Superstack is the second-tallest building in Canada following the CN Tower in Toronto. More facts about this high-riding landmark can be found here.


Locals, what’s your favourite landmark, pizza place, or secret attraction in Sudbury? If you’ve never been to our humble hometown, what are you looking forward to seeing? Let us know in the comments! We’re always looking for new things to see and places to go, so let us know what we should set our navigation to next!


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