Winter Hacks for Northern Ontario Drivers

By: Auto Depot Sudbury   |   19 Oct 2017
Woman scraping ics off her car

In the dead of winter, there is nothing worse than missing your alarm rushing to get ready, then getting to your car only to find it caked in ice. Winter weather can be downright annoying, but it’s something the people of Northern Ontario have to deal with annually. We’re always looking to make the lives of our customers a little easier, so here are a few ingenious winter-hacks for drivers to limit your frustration this winter no matter the make or model of vehicle.


Winter Hacks for Northern Ontario Drivers

Thumbs up  This may seem simple, but if you can, park your car so the front end is facing east. As the sun comes up it will gradually start to warm your vehicle and make frost and ice easier to remove. But, seeing as we live in Sudbury, this trick may only work on the weekends when you sleep in. Most people are up well before the sun during the cold winter months.


Thumbs up  Hate it when your car, truck, van, or SUV’s windshields fog up on the inside when you’re just starting to drive. Many people claim that shaving cream will solve this problem. Simply applying the cream to the windshield then buff dry with a clean cloth. It’s just that easy.


Thumbs up  Ice sucks, especially when it’s covering the lock to your car door. Take a pen, remove everything from inside so only a long cylinder remains. Now place one tip of the cylinder on your frozen lock and breathe through the other end. All that hot air coming out of your lungs should quickly melt the ice so you can get to the lock with your key. Of course, if there is ice inside your lock and you can’t turn your key, there are handy de-icing products available that insert into the lock and spray a chemical that almost immediately melts ice.


Thumbs up  In a rush, but your windshield is covered in ice and you don’t have time to scrape? That same lock de-icing doodad will also melt the ice from your windshield. Remember that the chemical used is likely toxic, so be incredibly careful not to get any on yourself when spraying your windshield. This isn’t meant as a regular method of de-icing your windshield, so only do it when you’re in a real bind.


Thumbs up  Beyond your front windshield, if there is a lot of moisture in your car, all your windows will frost over, which is a pain. Keep a bag of kitty litter in the backseat of your vehicle; it will help absorb excess moisture, limiting the frost that forms on your windows.

Have any clever winter-hacks of your own? We’d love to hear them! Contact us anytime with your own time-saving tips.

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