How to Drive Safely in Sudbury on Halloween

By: Auto Depot Sudbury   |   05 Oct 2017
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Kids love Halloween, and it’s hard to blame them. Running around the streets in costumes, collecting bags of candy—what’s not to like? Sure, in Sudbury there are years our little ones need to wear snowsuits under their costumes, but that just comes with living in Northern Ontario.


We are proud to provide the good people of Sudbury with high-quality, reliable vehicles. We’re also committed to ensuring they are driven safely. Kids running around the on the streets of Sudbury mean there are a lot of extra obstacles for drivers. If you don’t need to be driving on Halloween night, we suggest you try to leave your vehicle at home. But, if you do need to be out driving, here are a few tips on how to ensure you and all those ghouls and goblins arrive home safely.

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Halloween Safe Driving Tips

  • Stay well below the speed limit in order to give yourself extra time to break and/or maneuver safely​


  • You shouldn’t be using a cell phone anyway, but if this is still a bad habit of yours, make sure you leave the cell alone when driving on Halloween


  • Be extra careful when backing out of your driveway, small kids could be behind your vehicle and not easily seen


  • When dropping off or picking up your kids, make sure you use your signals when pulling up to the pickup location


  • Make sure all lights are working and switched on before you hit the road


  • Avoid listening to loud music in order to hear trick or treaters and pedestrians who could be trying to communicate with you

While these may seem like obvious things to keep in mind, the fact is we all have bad driving habits, so being aware of yourself and those around you while driving on Halloween can make a world a difference, and maybe even save a life. If you have any Halloween safety tips of your own, feel free to send them our way. We’ll add them to a future post.

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