How to Trade-in Your Vehicle

By: Auto Depot Sudbury   |   08 Aug 2017
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At some point or another the car, truck, or SUV you’re driving just isn’t going to cut it anymore. Your vehicle likely has plenty of life left in it, but it’s not meeting your needs any longer, and that means it’s time to trade it in and get something that’s more capable and suits your lifestyle better.


Maybe you had a child and need more space to drive the family around, or perhaps you need a more fuel efficient car because your new job is a 45-minute drive away and your pickup truck isn’t great on gas. Whatever the reason, before you trade-in your current ride, read our tips on how to trade-in your vehicle properly.



It’s important to have a rough idea of what your car, truck, van, or SUV is worth. There are plenty of resources online that will give you a ballpark idea of what your vehicle may be worth. Remember, though, all used vehicles are different, and the value of your ride will depend on its condition, how many kilometres it has been driven, current market demand, and a lot of other factors. At the end of the day the right offer for your vehicle is the one you feel comfortable with, but you should have realistic expectations.


Vehicle Condition

Before trading-in your ride, give it a little TLC. It’s amazing what a little attention to the little details can do for a car’s resale value. Take the time to clean your vehicle thoroughly inside and out. The value of a vehicle is all about perception and leaving fast food containers and coffee cups lying around your car will likely make it seem like it’s worth less than it actually is.


If there are any malfunctioning or broken parts make sure you mention these issues upfront. All used vehicles need a little work, but if you’re open and honest you’ll come off a lot more trustworthy to the person appraising your vehicle and because of that, you may get a slightly better offer.


Sell or Trade?

If you’re simply not using your vehicle anymore, selling it could be the right decision for you. Selling your ride privately can take a lot of time and effort, though. Are you prepared to spend hours going back and forth negotiating with strangers? At Auto Depot Sudbury we’re always looking for high-quality, reliable vehicles and will often buy cars, trucks, and SUVs even if you don’t buy one of ours.


Of course, if you do need a newer, more capable vehicle it often makes the most sense to take the value of your current vehicle and trade-up to a better vehicle from our inventory. If you’re thinking about trading-in your vehicle and need some honest advice, feel free to contact us online or stop by if you’re in the area. We’re always happy to help.


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