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For over 20 years, Auto Depot Sudbury has carried a wide variety of recent and same year automobiles to suit the everyday needs of its clients in the Sudbury, Ontario area. We believe that you can save a lot of money by choosing to purchase a nearly new (instead of a brand new) vehicle. We offer a range of cars, trucks, SUVs and vans that vary from fully loaded vehicles with all the bells and whistles, to base models that meet your basic point-A to point-B needs.

The team at Auto Depot Sudbury is knowledgeable, friendly and dedicated to helping each and every client find the right fit for them - it's part of The Auto Depot Difference. We offer a no pressure atmosphere, so you will feel welcome and comfortable to have an open dialogue about the purchase you are making. It is important to us that you drive off the lot happy and satisfied. After all, the best advertising we can’t pay for comes from you.

In order to assist you with the financial burden of purchasing a vehicle, we welcome you to trade in your previous automobile.  We also offer financing through a number of reliable institutions.  You can call our loan experts in store, or apply online.

We also offer a loyalty program: if you have purchased a vehicle with us, and you refer a friend or family member who also makes a purchase, you can receive a reward of $50 or more. The foundation of our success relies on our dedication to total customer satisfaction and our commitment to offer the highest standard of service.


Here's how the team at Auto Depot Sudbury can afford to sell quality pre-owned vehicles at an affordable price:

Quality Vehicles

What makes our vehicles different from other pre-owned vehicle dealers is that ours are hand-picked and there are no grey areas with the vehicle history before it makes the final cut to our lot. In most cases, our inventory consists of one owner, accident-free local vehicles. Each and every one of our vehicles then goes through a 101 point inspection and only the ones that pass our quality inspection are placed on our lot for sale.

The Right Price

We are not like other dealerships who mark-up prices significantly and then negotiate them down to make you feel like you’re getting a good deal. At Auto Depot Sudbury we’re constantly researching the market values of our vehicles and will list them at the most reasonable price. So no hassle, no haggling, just an honest deal on a quality vehicle when you choose to purchase a pre-owned vehicle with us.

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